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to privatise the NHS and keep the railways privatised, all at our expense and with no risk to them



Virgin wants the Tories to keep the railways privatised

·        Two private companies, Sea Containers and National Express, spectacularly failed on the prestigious East Coast Mainline, at taxpayers’ expense.

·        It had to be renationalised and actually returned a profit to the Treasury and delivered a better service to the customers.

·        The Tories were determined to reprivatise the route and, even worse, gave it to Virgin.

·        Private railway operators are subsidised and indemnified by the UK state.  Our taxes go either to the shareholders or to the state transport operators of other European countries.

Virgin wants the Tories to privatise the NHS Who wants to privatise the NHS and Why?

·        Virgin Care already has over 400 NHS contracts, including GP surgeries, GP out-of-hours, NHS urgent care centres and much more.

·        Once the Tories have finished off the NHS, Virgin and similar corporations will charge us to use them.

·        Virgin is suing the NHS after losing out on a £82 million contract for Surrey children’s services.  The taxpayer will pay for the cost of defending this.

Virgin wants the Tories to let them continue avoiding tax in the UK

·       Virgin Care’s parent company is based in the tax haven British Virgin Islands, while Virgin Care has declared a loss in the UK, thereby avoiding paying UK tax

Only you can stop this

·       by how you vote on 8 June





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