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to privatise the NHS and keep the railways privatised, all at our expense and with no risk to them





Virgin Care and similar corporations will benefit from the fallout from the PFI scandal, particularly if the debt is “nationalised”


By now surely everyone has heard about PFI?  It’s that scheme, originally invented by the Tories in 1992, but which New Labour signed up to on a huge scale for the NHS.  It means that a private company builds a facility, such as a hospital, for which the NHS then pays back 20 or 30 times what it ought to have cost over subsequent decades.  It was as if the New Labour government went to Wonga.


The PFI deals that Labour signed up to are probably not legally binding, according to rules about unfair contracts, but it’s difficult to prove because “commercial confidence” is claimed.


A few years ago, the main fight for health campaigners should have been against PFI.  Now it’s too late: PFI has done its job and, perversely, may be saving some NHS facilities from outright privatisation.


We are now approaching the end game for PFI.  Many campaigners are now supporting the NHS Reinstatement Bill, which asks for the PFI liability to be taken on by the Treasury, leaving individual hospitals debt-free.  This could be a huge mistake.


·       If the Treasury takes on the debt, it guarantees that the taxpayer will continue to pay for PFI

·       It will no longer be possible to question the (possibly illegal) contracts that were signed up to, and simply NOT PAY

·       It will leave an asset-stripped but debt-free NHS hospital or other facility ripe for outright privatisation by corporations such as Virgin Care (who would take on a hospital with a PFI liability?)


There are alternative solutions to PFI that don’t involve paying it off or leaving a hospital vulnerable to being taken over by Virgin.  The link below explains how it can work.


Proposal by People vs Barts PFI




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