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to privatise the NHS and keep the railways privatised, all at our expense and with no risk to them





NHS privatiser Richard Branson supported drug salesman Owen Smith for the Labour leadership


Remember that ridiculous story during the “chicken coup” leadership challenge by Angela Eagle and then Owen Smith against the wishes of the Labour membership?  Virgin wouldn’t release the CCTV footage that would have proved what really happened.


Virgin Care already operated 250 NHS and social care services and had a turnover of £40.38 million in the financial year ending 2015.  They wanted to be sure that the leaders of the main political parties would not threaten their ongoing privatisation of the NHS.


Virgin Care had paid no tax in the UK for the previous five years.


The Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP and Owen Smith have all stated their support for the privatisation of the NHS (whatever they say now).  Why else would Richard Branson have supported Owen Smith?  Well, there’s also avoiding the renationalisation of the railways, but the NHS is the real prize for corporations like Virgin.


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Watch this video by Dr Youssef El-Gingihy, which explains why you shouldn’t be fooled by Owen Smith.



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Virgin's Involvement in the NHS





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